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Yesterday Little Miss Fussy (7 years old) came home talking excitedly about a new game she played at school: hangman.


Actually it’s not a new game at all, I guess it’s been around for many years, I used to play it when I was a child and probably my parents used to play it too.

What’s new about it, is that up to now I’ve never thought it could be a great tool to improve a second or third language.

It all happened naturally, switching from Italian to English and then back. The person in charge could choose which language it was going to be used for his/her turn. It came out as a great chance for my girls to improve their English and Italian spelling.

Little Miss Daydream (5 yo) asked me to play it again this morning and she was so curious to know new words that I couldn’t tell her we were running late for school.

We might be using this game to learn our next language: Polish 🙂