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Have you noticed a face on a skyscraper in Melbourne? Who is this man?


From the Eureka Tower, I noticed this face which wasn’t there one year ago, when I first saw Melbourne from up there.

Who is he?

I went home and from a quick search on the internet this is what I found out:

William Barak was an elder of Melbourne’s Wurundjeri tribe, an artist and social justice leader, credited with “building a bridge between black and white culture”. He died in 1903.

I find it an interesting choice.

I’m pretty sure there has been some discussions about this project, whether it gives the right tribute to the aborigines or it’s only trying to ask for forgiveness for all the atrocities the people of Australia have been going through since us Europeans arrived.

Has something changed since his death? Improved? Have we learnt something from the past? Is there more tolerance and respect between people of different nationalities/cultures/religions?