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It’s a lovely sunny day. I had a good rest last night with my Little Mr. Copycat sleeping nicely next to me. It was magic when he felt asleep holding my hand, he’s getting big and at home we sleep in different bedrooms so I don’t usually fall asleep next to him.  I love it!


We leave the camp site around 8am, we can speed up to 110km/h, yuppie!!!

The landscape is rural, nothing special.


We find out there is no space available for a tent at the camp site in Burra, so we are now heading to Clare, a place 30km south of Burra.

We enter South Australia and stop for our lunch in an amazing playground called Monash Adventure Playground (info here). the kids can’t stop running from one place to the other, there are too many incredible things to do here! We have a BBQ and off we go again.

Monash Adventure Playground (SA)

On the way to Clare the weather is definitely sunny and warm, the landscape is flat but near Clare we can see beautiful hills.

IMG_6721 IMG_6727

We arrive at the camp site pretty tired in the late afternoon. We put up our tent, play a little bit and decide to get a nice dinner in an Indian restaurant. The food is great and the kids enjoy it too 🙂

p.s. Little Mr. Copycat has not fully understood we’re going on a long trip and keeps on asking every day if we are going home because he has stuff to do (ie. play wih his lego).