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We wake up with a bit of rain, get the kids ready, put them in the van to keep them dry while we undo the tent and put everything away. Everything goes quite smoothly and when we finish a guy in a camper next to us congratulate us for having done such a good job with three young kids (under 8yo!). I feel proud of my camping skills and the team work with hubby. It’s always nice receiving nice words from strangers.

By the time we finish our breakky (Australian way to say breakfast), the sun is shining and we start our drive to Woomera. Saying goodbye to Clare feels like leaving a European village, with its little school, church, houses, wineries, green hills, cows and sheep.

IMG_6758 IMG_6767

We listen to an audio book and drive up to Port Augusta. When we get out of the car we find out it’s not a great place where to have a picnic, it’s far too windy!!!

Port Augusta

We buy some supplies at the supermarket and keep on driving towards the dry area, aka desert.

After a little while we see some gorgeous salted lakes in the middle of the desert and I wonder how on earth is this possible?!!!

salted lake in South Australia

The colour of these lakes is like ice and it’s something truly amazing.

We keep driving, we stop for our picnic in a rest area and we find out that there is still lots of wind and flies too!!!


Just before reaching Woomera we have to stop at a railway crossing, I can’t believe we found a railway crossing in the middle of the desert!


We reach Woomera in the early afternoon and…OMG, there is next to nothing!!! The camp site and the town makes us feel as if we’re in the movie “back to the future”.  The camp site facilities are very basic, there is too much wind and we can’t manage to put up our tent, I even manage to hurt my finger with the hammer, ouch! defeated we decide to get a cabin for the night and it looks like a 1950s’ one!

In town there is nobody around, it feels like a ghost town but you can see some houses have people living in there. This place was used by the USA army during the cold war for their secret tests. It’s fascinating and weird at the same time.

IMG_6797 IMG_6808 IMG_6799

When we finish our tour we are very happy to have dinner in our cabin and watch our first sunset in the desert.


It’s been a beautiful day and I’ve also seen a mama Emu with her little ones next to her, so cute!!!