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It’s time to head back home. During the night we heard some dingos not too far away from our tent and that was a bit scary but they went away pretty soon.

We are ready to say good-bye to Uluru and drive back home. We leave at 8.20am, we are kind of sad but also happy to be able to say to Little Mr. Copycat that we’re going home. He can’t believe his ears and smiles; looking at the desert he also says that the grass it’s a bit too long, it needs some serious mowing.

Long grass in the desert – affirms Little Mr. Copycat

Our first stop is in Erldunda where there is a roadhouse with an emu farm where the kids can feed them and observe this funny animals.


Erldunda is apparently also the geographic centre of Australia, wow!

We keep on driving and we only stop at Kulgera again for our lunch. Yes, again, we liked it the first time so why not stopping here again – plus, there aren’t so many other options! 🙂

desert in spring time with purple little flowers

desert in spring time with yellow bushes

At some point we slow down, a cow is slowly crossing the road!!!


We are going to arrive in Coober Pedy a bit late tonight but I’m excited as we are going to sleep in an underground motel, I can’t wait!

On the road we stop again to put some petrol in the van and I can finally take a photo of a road train. I’ve never seen a road train in my life before this trip and I am fascinated by them. Maybe it’s something to do with my Little Mr. Copycat aka truck lover.


We arrive just in time to relax and observe another beautiful sunset.


I love the underground motel, so lovely decorated, with a modern kitchen where we can cook our beloved pasta 🙂