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It’s been our last night in the tent and I know we’re gonna miss it; it’s been our first holiday in a tent as a family and I can’t believe it went soooooo well!!!

In Naracoorte we visit Naracoorte Caves National Park which is South Australia’s only World Heritage site!!! (info here).

The caves have acted as pitfall traps, collecting animals for at least 500,000 years, preserving the most complete fossil record we have for this period of time. Palaeontologists have excavated and dated many of the fossils in Naracoorte Caves and have reconstructed the skeletons of a number of the megafauna that inhabited the area so many years ago.

We have one of the tours of the caves made for children and it is very interesting both for the kids and us adults.

IMG_7175 IMG_7176 IMG_7182 IMG_7188IMG_7185

After this fabulous tour in the caves it’s time for us to drive back home. The kids are tired and excited to be going home after such a long trip.


It’s been great. Simply an amazing trip.

The kids faces when they get home and see their toys are just priceless!