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The moment we decided to move back to Europe was also the time when we decided we had to explore a little bit more Australia.

Something we didn’t want to miss out was the desert, without any doubt. Which better way than driving through it to have a memorable experience?!

The first idea was to rent a camper but being a family of 5 and wanting cheap options didn’t get along well, so we opted out for an 8 seat-van and a tent.

Our trip from Melbourne to Uluru has been memorable for the following reasons:

  1. driving through 4 states with 3 kids and a tent; people’s comments “are you crazy?”
  2. driving for more than 5,000km in 11 days
  3. watching amazing sunsets
  4. seeing Australian animals in their natural habitat
  5. learning that the desert changes and can bloom during spring time
  6. having lunch in a roadhouse is a unique experience
  7. sleeping in a dugout: simply great!
  8. my husband buying me a pair of opal earrings, what a surprise!
  9. road trains: I loved them!
  10. my kids quietly listening to audio books for long hours drives.

You can read our trip day by day in the following posts:

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If you’re wondering how much does all of this costs:

  • petrol = $ 750
  • 10 nights in camp sites = $ 638 (including the night in the dugout and the one in the cabin)
  • hiring a 8 seater van = $1400
  • food and extras = it’s up to you 😉