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We moved from Melbourne to Milan (a small village near Milan) less than a month ago.  Christmas holidays has been great with our families and friends.

Yesterday my kids started a new page of their lives: going to Italian school.

We were all a bit nervous AND curious AND excited.

We kissed the girls goodbye at 8.30am.

At 4.30pm, after a long day thinking about them, we waited at the school gate, trying to read their faces as soon as they came out. They were happy faces, a bit tired. They started talking in English as if they  needed to breath again after 8 hours of only Italian.

“So how was school? Did you like it?”

“Yes, only two problem: the canteen was yucky and the toilets…well there is no toilet, only a hole!!!”


I smiled and I tried to reassure them that we can solve these “problems”.