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I have been living in Italy with my kids for three months, a place in between Australia and Poland. A place I once called home, where grandparents live, a place where to wait untill we find a new house in Warsaw.


What’s like to be living in a space in between?

It’s not easy to tell.

  1.  we are all missing daddy (Mr. Bingles), who has already started working in Warsaw. Living apart is not easy for anybody.
  2. I feel like I am in a kind of limbo. My house in Australia is not my house anymore and I’m longing to have a new house in Warsaw.
  3. Our belongings are still in a container, just arrived in Gdańsk, and I’m wondering if they’re all in one piece or if something has gone lost.
  4. kids have been sick in turn for the last two months, they’ve never been so sick before, WHY??? Something wrong with Italian air?
  5. The girls have surprised me settling in in their Italian school amazingly well. Little Miss Fussy (8y.o) has now replaced her English with Italian chats when she comes home from school.  One month ago she would have spoken English as soon as she came home.  Little Miss Daydream (6y.0) is finding school here pretty easy and I was very surprised the other day when she read me a book in English without problems even though she kind of stopped reading in English when we arrived in Italy. She is probably applying her Italian reading knowledge into English; it’s so fascinating to witness her development and I would so much want to know how on earth her brain works.  Little Mr. Copycat (3y.o) has settled down kind of easily in the Italian kindergarden altough he has never been apart from me before; he has never cried!
  6. Time is strange, I feel like it’s already March and we are leaving in June but at the same time it’s going too slow and Little Mr. Copycat keeps on asking “when are we moving to Poland, mummy?”.  It’s complicated to get a 3 year old understand how many more days he’ll have to wait.
  7. I’m worrying about moving the kids again, having to say goodbye and start all over again but at the same time I feel excited about a new start.
  8. I can’t wait to have a place to call HOME again
  9. I’m worried about my new life in Warsaw..how long will it take to find new friends?
  10. Will the salary be enough for us?

There are so many more things going on in my mind at the moment.

I’m feeling worried, as always.

I’m feeling positive because it helps, a lot.