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On the 21st of June 2016 I arrived in Warsaw with my husband and our three kids.

The city has welcomed us beautifully with lovely weather, great parks to go for a stroll and a play, stunning old town and very kind people.


I’m not new to the city anymore but I haven’t started to look for new friends, not yet, I don’t feel ready. I’m still too attached to the friends I left in Australia and part of me feels like she’s not going to find such good friends again. Time will help me and guide me, I’m sure.

School is starting next week and I am really looking forward to it. Two whole months without any interaction with other people apart from saying Dzień Dobry and Do widzenia is taking out the worst of us all. The kids keep on fighting for no reasons and I’m going insane. They need to go to school not only to learn but much more to socialize and have fun with other kids their age. I need to have some much-needed “me time” to stop and think about what’s next for me; however, before I can do that, I need to see my kids settled down in their new school and happy with their teachers and peers.

It’s still a long journey and I’m sure there is going to be a stressful time ahead of us but hopeful in six months time we’ll all feel better.

Note to myself: next time we move, avoid arriving at the new place during summer time and spend more than two months without human interactions apart from family members (it’s insane!).