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1st of September: first day of school in Poland.

So, what’s so special? What’s different from other countries?

Three days ago we went to school to have some info about what to expect, what the girls would need ect.., usual questions. The answer we got was:don’t worry, come on the 1st of September at 9am and you will be told what to do next.

So, ok. It’s been a long summer but we can wait for three more days, I guess. Little Miss Fussy is getting really nervous, with big tantrums and headaches. We try to calm her down, reassuring her that everything it’s going to be ok, but this doesn’t really seem to be of any help.

Today is the day.

9am, we arrive at school.

In the school yard there are children and parents, all looking cheerful and super happy to see each others again. We look for the sign posts with the names of our children classes – 4A, 2A. After a few minutes we spot them and we take the girls to their teachers. Little Miss Fussy is so nervous she can’t say a word, her arms are so rigid you could say she’s a statue. Little Miss Daydream is more relaxed, she is curious about the other kids, you can see from her eyes that she is looking at their clothes and hair and any single thing that catches her eyes.  What I notice is that all the kids wear blue and white clothes, very smart indeed. My girls are wearing casual clothes of the wrong colours but nobody seems to notice.  The head teacher starts talking and welcomes everybody back to school, introduces all the staff members and teachers (quite a long list!). Then it’s time for the national anthem and other important Polish songs. Finally the kids are taken into school, in their classroom…and the parents too!!! I had no clue I was going into the classroom with my kids. We had to sit and listen to the teacher giving out timetables and instructions for the new school year. 30 minutes later we got dismissed together with the kids. See you tomorrow! What??? I thought the school was going to start today but that’s not how it works in Poland. Now I know 🙂