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6th of December, in Poland kids receive presents from Mikołaj.

My kids found 3 chocolate elfs and a Chocolate Santa on the table for breakfast this morning. It was snowing and the atmosphere were just right.

They left to go to school, happy to know that there would be more sweets and a present for each of them.

One of the girl received lego and the other a jigsaw puzzle of Poland (let’s say she was not impressed by it).

At the end of the day the happiest has been little Mr. Copycat; he received a big pineapple to bring home and he couldn’t be happier! At first I was surprised but watching my son being so happy just brought me back in time, when my parents used to get mandarins for Christmas.


Exotic fruits were rare back then, you couldn’t find them so easily all year round! So probably that’s where my son’s present comes from; a tradition?

I’d like to know more and I might probably ask my Polish teacher tomorrow.