Here I am again, writing about one of the aspects I love more of Berlin: Kindercafè or Familiencafè. These are simply great places where to go, have something to drink/eat and relax while your little ones play.

10 reasons why I LOVE Kindercafès:

  1. you have to take your shoes off  and this gives me a welcome-home feeling
  2. they are clean and cosy
  3. they are a safe place to play (especially in wintertime)
  4. they are full of toys, especially wooden toys
  5. they have homebaked food (I especially love cakes)
  6. there is always good food for babies and children
  7. you can have your coffee sitting on a lovely chair/sofa next to where your child is playing
  8. there is plenty of parents/carers to have a chat with
  9. they usually sell you baby/children related items (i.e. clothes, toys…)
  10. they have courses for parents and children going on all year round

Now that I found this brand new world I can’t wait to go and check them all out with my children.

I was forgetting to say that usually they are suitable for children 0-5 years old.  Enjoy and let me know what’s your favourite in Berlin 🙂


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