OMG, it’s been ages since my last post!!!

I left Italy 4 weeks ago together with my husband and three children.

In Italy the kids have been amazing, their end of school year reports were over the top and what filled my heart most were the words from both my  girls’ teachers: “It’s been a pleasure having your girl in the classroom, she is a real treasure”. What could be better for a mother’s ears?!

Now we’re in Warsaw, Poland.

First impressions:

  1. Polish people are very kind and friendly – they even give their seats on the bus when they see me with my kids!
  2. The city is very clean and tidy – I couldn’t say the same about Italy
  3. The weather? It’s summertime and it’s absolutely lovely, sunny but not too hot 🙂
  4. Food? I can find absolutely everything in the superstore plus there are lots of fruit stalls around the city selling fresh and super amazing cherries, apricots, strawberries…
  5. The language is not easy at all to understand from my Italian/English background but I’m slowly learning a few words and I’m planning to have Polish lessons ASAP.
  6. It’s funny how international stores like ROSSMANN, TESCO, OKAIDI, CARREFOUR, TESCO, INTIMISSIMI and so many others make me feel more at ease about living in a new city
  7. School: we decided for a Polish school for our girls. We met the headmaster, who although she spoke only Polish, she was very welcoming and she claimed the girls we’ll be fine with their Polish after about one year of school. That would be great!
  8. Reading the bookWarsaw boy” has been very helpful in order to understand a little bit of the history of this city.
  9. ….
  10. ….

I can’t wait to live and write about my life in this interesting city.