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1st of December 2016:

I want a hippopotamus for Christmas, only a hippopotamus would do…

Do you know this song? I heard it this morning on the radio and I couldn’t help smiling and thinking about the time my daughter sang it at kinder in Berlin; such sweet memories!

I love Christmas time, it’s a magical time,

I love buying presents,

preparing the decorations,

thinking about the Christmas menu,

writing Christmas cards to family and friends,

decorating the tree,

hiding presents,

listening to Christmas songs,

Christmas lights,

snow outside,


It’s our first Christmas in Warsaw, it’s getting cold, it has already snowed a bit but not enough to make a snowman yet!

I have prepared a DIY advent calendar, very simple, with only paper, glue and a packet of lego.


I love hearing my kids voices early in the morning, getting excited about the surprise they are going to get (and of course the comments they made about it!).

In Warsaw they celebrate St. Nicolaus on the 6th of December and the kids usually get presents that day. It seems to be very similar to Sinterklaas in the Netherlands and my kids are very happy as they are going to get presents from St. Nicolaus too!!!

Letters to Santa have been written, although my girls don’t believe in him anymore 😦 and I’m a bit sad that some of the magic has been taken away this year. At least Mr. Copycat is still little (only 4yo) and it’s going to be a very magical Christmas for him.

In my wishing list this year there are a couple of big things:

I want a hippopotamus  house and a family car for Christmas! 🙂

Am I asking too much?