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I need to vent and I’m going to write things down here.

The girls left this morning at 6am for their very first school camp, 400km away together with 150 Polish kids and I haven’t received any news from them for more than 12 hours!!! Is this normal? Am I too anxious?!

What I don’t get is if it’s only us not knowing anything as parents and this is just the way Polish people deal with their kids going to school trips or maybe the other parents know everything, they are on whatsapp or other social media and we don’t.

I’m still learning about this culture and I find it pretty interesting to say the least. They let kids be more responsible and free compared to us; I like it but at the same time I’m not used to it and I find it stressful sometimes.

My girls are only 7 and 9 years old, they are away from home (from us) for the very first time in their lives, for 5 days surrounded by people who only speak Polish. Their Polish knowledge has improved a lot during the last few months but still, this is a big adventure and I’m so proud of them!

I hope they’re going to have fun and I wish they’ll have fond memories of this trip.