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Celebrating my daughter’s birthday has been really funny.

She has chosen Doc McStuffins theme, after watching this cartoon for about 20 hours on a flight from Italy to Melbourne (that’s a lot, I know!!!).  I didn’t know anything about it since 3 weeks ago, when she decided to have her birthday party with this theme. I must admit I quite like Dottie, a nice girl who likes taking care of others (especially toys).

I started planning ASAP; first of all the invitations. This is what I made:


Front envelope

Back envelope

Front card recalls Dottie’s headband

invito (2)

template I used for the invitation

After that, I started preparing the decorations:


on the front door bilingual sign


simple home-made garland

lots of paper hearts hanging from the ceiling


a big sparkling number 5 surrounded by balloons


the table is set with matching coloured deco

In the meantime I started thinking about the cake (recipe and design) and I decided to bake a vanilla sponge cake with chocolate buttercream covered by marshmallow fondant.

Doc McStuffins cake

I also baked chocolate chips muffins with buttercream icing

cupcakes cupcakes1

There were chips, popcorn, pizza, grissini, M&Ms, marshmallows to fill up the little guests’ tummies.

To entertain the guests I prepared a few things:


heart-shaped crayons

first activity was colouring in Doc Mcstuffins while waiting for all the guests to arrive

These are the ones I used: DMS_TFYC_coloring_FIN

When all the guests were there, I read them a short Doc McStuffins story to make sure everybody knew the character of our party.

Next I gave each guest a doctor badge

free template


doctor badge to wear 🙂

then I called out each “Doctor” name once at the time and gave each doctor a paper “doctor” bag

simple coloured in red cross

They were now ready to fill in the bag with a few doctor’s tools they had to find in a treasure hunt.

stethoscope made with pipe cleaners, head band, felt

syringe bought at a local pharmacy and thermometer made out of an ice-cream stick

Once they had found everything they needed, they were ready to visit their patients:

very busy clinic

After eating the cake I explained to the guests that all good doctors say “an apple a day, keeps the doctor away” and we went to play a great apple game:

try to bite the swinging apple with your hands behind your back

That was really good fun for everybody!

After that we tested another sense: touch (and luck) by pinning the tail (try to put a plaster on a toy):


Finally I decided our guest deserved a special kind of plaster:

tattoo, everybody likes tattoos

That has been a lovely party, we thanked our guests with a little treat:

to be taken after party’s check ups

It’s been a very hectic tiring week but worth it!